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2007-06-19 - 11:24 a.m.

N at calculus again -- turns out that she's actually done about 2/3 of the class (she thinks) in math this year.

So -- should she cut ahead to Calculus 2?
Should she stay where she is and just take it easy? (Just how boring would it be?)

I don't know.

M has her first art class today.

Also, it is freezing. I rode my bike to work. Certain people I see occasionally in a work context are bugging me, as are all the people who appeared in the newsletter that was published by elementary school M and N used to go to. Ha!

I think that's all the news. Now I have to buy airline tickets.

I really hate to buy airline tickets. It's always so permanent. A vacation is such a glorious thing I think I hate limiting it to a specific beginning and end. What if I want to do laundry before we leave? What if it turns out we'd like to stay a day later? You know --

But unfortunately the world doesn't work like that. Too bad.

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