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2007-06-21 - 9:46 a.m.

Man -- I did write an entry yesterday, only to tell you that it was my birthday. It's gone, though -- gone, gone, gone.

Anyway -- I did have a nice birthday. K promised to take me to Br88ks Island -- a little island off or R1chm8nd which is completely uninhabited. I think you have to go on a kayak trip with the regional parks to get there. Yay! N made me an amazing banana cream pie out of the T2rt1ne cookbook -- homemade pie crust lined with chocolate, then homemade caramel, then pastry cream with bananas, then whipped cream and then chocolate shavings. It was pretty amazing, actually. M gave me a print she'd made plus some chocolates. Not bad!

And I took the morning off to go to the nursery to poke around. I may in fact take tomorrow off to plant what I've got --

Oh, and K made dinner! (I know -- this should not be a spectacular event. But it is. Say no more.)

So, what's new today.

I've been riding my bike to work every day. It's glorious. A great combination of struggling up the one hill plus then soaring down the other side.

It's official -- M has become a pill. I suppose it was bound to happen. She's 15, after all. It's just a little hard to take. She's always had a few pill-like tendencies, but they've always been offset by her innate sweetness. Now she tends to glower. And be completely swayed by her friends. Some of her friends are all right --

Anyway. I just need to remember that this won't last forever.

I think what's hardest to take is that she used to be unabashedly interested in everything. Now, she feigns lack of interest. I hate lack of interest.

On the flip side, N is reading all over the place.

So --

Oh -- I have something to talk about, but now I can't quite remember the connections. I'm reading Julia Glass's The Whole World Over, which I'm liking. (She really does remind me of Maeve Binchy, though. The sweep of characters thing.) I was thinking of this as I was taking my bike out of the basement -- I really do like our basement door, which is sort of like a barn door leading out into a really sunny part of the yard. In the book, one character runs into a boy she knew in highschool -- a boy who was invited up to her family's summer cabin in Maine. Which reminded me a little of visiting other people's houses in high school, especially visiting the house of a boy I knew who lived in another city (and we just had dinner with him and his family on Sunday, which is why it probably came up -- he's here on sabbatical). They lived in a neighborhood much like my current neighborhood -- sort of an inner suburb sort of place, old house, small backyard, close to lots of stuff. I lived in the kind of suburb which is in the woods, 50 minutes by train to the city, 20 minutes by car to the train. I remember eating breakfast, though, with his family one sunny morning out on his deck -- a family breakfast (which we never did -- my family was too big and we just didn't) where the sunlight shines through the glass pitcher holding the orange juice making it shine against the blue and white pottery plates which, his mother told me, D had picked out on a family trip to Mexico.
It was the kind of event which would fit perfectly into that Julia Glass book -- which I suppose is full of descriptions of people's houses and people's meals.

I think this all has to do with my desire, at age 17, to have a life full of such moments. To eat outside in glorious light on meaningful pottery. To have a life composed of literary moments, perhaps.

Which people really do a lot more often, now, thank to people like M@rtha Stew@rt.


Okay -- got to go.

Also, have you been checking out the Fl1ght of the C0nch0rds? K's new obsession.

Okay, bye.

edited to add:

Look! It did show up! Thank you Diaryland!


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