2007-07-10 - 10:52 a.m.

Oh dear.

Everything's sort of up in the air in a yucky kind of way.

I'm about to go off to this conference. I have a ton of stuff to get done, plus I'm sort of worried about it, because K and the girls are coming.

It always works much better when they don't come. K gets annoyed when I have work things to do. He doesn't always seem to get that I am not going to be free to keep him company.

Then I'm also worried that he and the girls will drive each other crazy. He likes to organize everything. They like to be spontaneous and do what they feel like doing. He'll want someone to come appreciate the oyster po'boys with him. They just won't be interested. He'll want to show them something culturally significant. They'll resist being lectured at.

Maybe if they can all in some way be uncoupled -- they can go off and do what they like, and he can too, and we can meet up for occasional dinners, or occasional things that we all feel like doing.

That would be great --

It's also critical that feelings don't get hurt.

Oh dear.

Maybe we can, tonight, try to figure out what everyone would like to do, and then also what people do want to do, but others don't particularly want to do with them.

The terrible problem is, I'm actually going to be very busy.

Ho hum.

Well, we can figure out the times when I'm not busy, too --

Okay. I have to go make lists and have a quiet little stomach ache.


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