2007-08-05 - 10:00 a.m.

It is cold here, and quite windy.

Yesterday, I tidied up the house. Well, I tidied up N's room. M kept asking me, are you sure N won't be mad? And she made me promise not to tell N that she helped me move a bookcase and a desk.

But it's so much better, now. We had to move all our crap last summer while N was in Spain, and we all returned just in time to start the school year, with stuff returning from storage over the year, so although I think she'd unpacked and organized many things, there were still boxes of stuff under the desk, which was covered with stereo equipment, which ...

So I put the stereo into the bookshelves that I built months ago and shifted things around a bit, and it's much more livable.

So yes, she might be mad. But really, she can move everything around again exactly as she pleases, and it will even be easier, since the stereo is now where it belongs. But I'm betting she'll actually not mind too much.

I hope.

I have to say, I'm enjoying so much not being on vacation. I'm scheduled to leave next Saturday for MA. I know I will have a lovely time there, and it will be great to get away, BUT, it is really wonderful to have some time here to sort things out.

Also, it's nice to do things, here, too -- M and K and I walked down to the theater to see Hairspray last night. It's so nice to be able to walk everywhere. It was really fun!

So although I am reading with enjoyment all these bloggers like yarnstorm, who seems to have gone on the perfect vacation, or Soulemama, who lives in Maine near the beach anyway, I'm almost happier just drooliing over their vacations and staying home than I would be going anywhere.

Next year I might be up for the glorious vacation.

This year I might just change my reservation and give myself another weekend at home to hang curtains and find a chair for the living room ...

In other news ...

Well, there really isn't any other news. I'm rereading Harry Potter. It seems that Cruikshanks stayed at the Burrow (we were worried about him). And lots of books on ADHD.

N's case is not that bad, actually, although I wish we'd caught it freshman year, which is when I htink it really became obvious. Now I'm busy wondering if K and I have it, too, which seems possible.

An old friend of mine, sort of from high school, although he didn't go to high school with me, is on sabbatical here from IL, and his kid, who just finished 3d grade, was just diagnosed with ADHD. I saw them on Thursday night, and it was interesting to talk to them ..

Aha! M is awake ...

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