2007-08-07 - 10:33 a.m.


I think all is taken care of in the travelling department. M and I are going on Sunday, and will stay for two weeks. It turns out that my mother needed to get back sooner than that, so is going on Thursday. It's sort of too bad M is not going with her, but on the other hand, we're all having a nice lazy time around here, so it's just fine.

And hopefully I will have work under control enough to leave without that being a problem.

And hopefully I will also have time enough to get some things taken care of at home before I go, too.

I actually get one more day at home, which I'm glad about.

And I'm a little proud of myself for not doing exactly what my mother wanted. This is fairly silly, really, but it is something --

Here, entirely for my own purposes, is a list of things I want to do before I go:

  1. bookcase in study (IK#A, I suppose)
  2. K's records out of N's room, and final tidying up there
  3. Sofa for N's room?
  4. Last boxes out of my room
  5. New dresser for K?
  6. Comfy chair for dining room?
  7. Try desk in living room under tv?
  8. Light fixtures for downstairs?
  9. Porch furniture?
  10. Design gate
  11. Plant!

There's no way all of this can be done. But things 1-4 can be done, and 5 and 6 can be investigated. 7 can be done. If I did 8, T. could install them. If T helps with 10, and builds it, 11 will be easier.

Then, I have stuff to do regarding N --

It's a lot, but not impossible ....

Okay -- got to go.

Also, it's feeling like the end of the summer. Sometimes that makes me sad, but actually, it's been sort of a nice summer. The kids have done things, and we've done nothing, and we'll go away for a bit, and the house is a bit more in order. I am building up a readiness for fall. Somehow, that's important.

Okay. Really, that is all.

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