Happy Summer!

2007-08-10 - 10:16 a.m.

Look, it's an entry!

So, it looks like we really are leaving to go on vacation on Sunday, although the day of return remains fluid. We're supposed to take two weeks, but I'm just not feeling it. I want to get back. I want to start the school year in a state of calm and order. I want to have a chance to get things finally planted, design the fence, get the curtains hemmed -- that sort of stuff.

So I'm betting we come back around the 21st.

Thank god for Southwest and their policy of letting you change reservations whenever the hell you feel like it.

I do feel badly for M. She was supposed to have been in MA since July 27th, swimming, walking dogs, reading books in hammocks, eating ice cream -- instead she's been hanging out here. Which is mostly okay with her, but still --

I'm a little bit excited about the plans for the back gate. There's a fence between our house and our neighbors. It's fairly dilapidated, but it does the job. I want to extend it about 12 feet closer to the front of the house, and then put a gate across the end of the driveway. This will keep the deer out of the yard, and it will also extend the backyard and make it feel more private. We live pretty close to downtown, so that will be nice -- a little private wilderness.

But the gate should be nice, I think. So I'm talking to T, the good contractor. It's fun, actually, to think about what we want.

So what have we been doing? Well, I've been working until 6 at least, sometimes 7 or even 8. I've been going in late, though -- so I've been walking down to the bakery every morning for a treat for M. We eat breakfast, and I walk to work. Actually, I take the shuttle bus around the campus, which means I get to read Harry Potter while I wait for the bus, and then while I ride it. Also while I eat lunch.

Work is a confusing morass of problems at the moment, but actually that's a lot more entertaining than having it not be a morass of problems, so that's okay.

The I come home, figure out what takeout food we will eat that night, and procure said food. We eat, and then K usually retires for the night while M and I watch the Jeremy Brett version of Sherlock Holmes. Our local video store has a ton of them, and they're great. Perfect, in fact. Entertaining without the commitment you'd feel to a movie, and more predictable, too. We watch at least two each night, and then we go to bed.

Strangely satisfying, somehow.

Okay, now I've got stuff to do --

I'll be back sometime the weekend of the 20th, then --

Happy Summer!

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