Nearly September

2007-08-28 - 8:42 a.m.


I am back. N is back. School starts tomorrow.

It all feels sort of disjoint.

Things to worry about:

  • Getting school set up.
  • N's continuing diagnosis.
  • N's college applications.


My book group met last night. We (but not I) had read the Secret River, which is purported to be a very good book. Sadly, I had not read it. (What is wrong with me?) I will, though.

Anyway -- we started when we all had very small children. I remember being there when N was in 4th grade and M in 2nd, and that was probably two years in.

Anyway, now everyone but me has sent her last kid off to college.

I'm starting to see how that might be a nice thing --

I think this because N came home on Sunday and already last night she was out until 1.

Not, I guess, that there's anything wrong with that -- it's still summer -- But she has so much to do in this first part of the year. I wish she would settle down and do it.


Anyway -- vacation.

I spent the first week worrying about a statistical report for work. But even so, it was great.

There are several good things about vacation at my mother's house:

  • There are lots of people to cook.

  • It is really easy to get exercise. You can bike into town, kayak around, take the sailboat out, swim -- it's all very easy, and since you're on vacation, there's no reason not to. It was easy to get at least an hour of exercise in every day.

  • Well, it's by the shore so it's beautiful.

Okay. Now I think I have to get in gear.


I really do feel sort of like I was knocked out. I think it must have been relaxing.

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