Back from the dead

2007-09-07 - 10:16 a.m.

Good heavens.

I am really sorry to have disappeared like that. I've just been awfully busy. But in a good way, I think.

School has started, and I think it's going to be okay. M is not taking AP Bio -- we debated up to the last minute whether or not she should take it, and in the end just inertia caused her not to take it. But it feels okay -- she's not struggling or suffering. She told me that she's actually glad that she's taking regular Bio, and that she took that stupid "integrated science" class last year (which did not count as a lab science, contrary to what the dept, chair told me) BECAUSE it gave her a basic understanding of stuff, and now, when she goes over it again, she already sort of understands it, which makes it easy to understand it more this time around.

Which sounds perfectly reasonable and educationally sound. I am now of the opinion that there will be plenty of time in college to take college biology, which will be easier since she already has "a basic understanding of stuff, and then, when she goes over it again, she will already sort of understand it, which will make it easy to understand it more the next time around." Right?

I think N is having the same experience in regular physics. She says it's kind of stupid, but very easy, which at this point is a good thing, since A's would be good, and she's got other challenges/time sinks, i.e. AP Latin and college applications.

If I ruled the world, there would be basic sciences, and then an advanced class which would not be AP, but would go into things in a bit more depth, but free from the tyranny of the AP curriculum.

Sadly, I do not rule the world.

Let's see. What else.

There's been a bit of a fuss about some furniture. My mother's friend F, who lives in SF for about 4 months of the year, had an apartment, but has now bought a condo. The apartment was nicely furnished in a nice grade of IK#A furniture, but the condo, as a more permanent entity, is being furnished with real furniture by a decorator. This meant there was some furniture was up for grabs.

There are people in this world, and F is one of them, who like a certain amount of bother and disruption in their lives. She is a very kind person with an enormous amount of energy. So anyway, I had to go over to look at the furniture to see if there was anything we could use.

It was very nice of her really, and we did take a great chair. We could really have taken the dining room chairs, too -- they would have looked nice inthe kitchen, I think, but there was really just no way to get them home without spending the whole day at it.

She really does thrive on an enormous amount of chaos. Her other house is down the street from my mother's. She has two, actually, and I don't think she has a single week without visitors. And she enjoys them -- she loves to have a lot going on.

It is exhausting just to think about it.

I think N's classes are are good -- she has a great gov't teacher, and she likes her math teacher, and she likes her latin teacher. That leaves English, which is apparently okay, physics, similarly okay. I am so happy she is not taking AP Physics. She actually seems to have time to get her homework done. That is a complete miracle. And she managed to finish her "senior profile" for the counseling dept on time. There is a possiblity that we will all live through this process.

Okay. Now I'm just babbling.

I've read nothing of interest of late, aside from a couple New Yorkers.

Work is going well, and full of interesting stuff.

Our new backyard gate is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen ...

And that's it!

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