I'm going camping.

2007-09-21 - 10:40 a.m.


Just ugh.

We're all in a crabby mood here, and I'm not sure why.

Or perhaps it's just me. I am certainly in a crabby mood.

I'm home with the plumber right now. The bathtub doesn't drain. It also leaks. This is bad, and made worse by the fact that no one likes to shower downstairs.

I don't mind being the one who has to call the plumber, and sit with the plumber, and go scouting for soap dispensers for the kitchen to replace the ridiculous airgap that they make you put it, but I don't like everyone being crabby at me about the whole thing. Certain people have all sorts of complaints about the way I procured the soap dispenser. (Like I have weeks of time to be buying soap dispensers. Well, I don't.)

Oh. I've just been talking to the plumber, who is a unfailingly cheery guy, at least here.

There's a clog, and there were a bunch of failing pipes. And those clawfoot tubs add a bit of old fashioned to the house, but they are troublemakers.

Anyway. Sorry for all the grumbling. It's just that everyone seems to be either crabby or tiptoeing around the crabby person, which then makes them crabby.

I don't know what's wrong with all of us, but I don't like it.

What else is new?

Crabbiness. That's all there is.

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