2007-09-24 - 11:05 a.m.

So, today we all go talk to the behavioral pediatrician about N.

This is good, but it brings up all kinds of frustrations.

Like, why can't she just get her homework done? I went to wake her up this morning, and there she is, lying on an unmade bed. (I'd asked her at 4 yesterday to make her bed.) She has not finished her homework.

What is wrong with her? (Well, I guess I know what's wrong with her.)

E's mother just wrote to me saying she thought there was no way E was going to be ready for college next year. I'm beginning to think that N might be ready for a nursing home next year, provided it has computer access, but not likely college.

What's particularly frustrating is that I know she's a competent individual, but she's acting like a developmentally impaired three year old. I think I have about had it.

In other news, M cut her hair, and it looks great! (It went all the way down to her butt, and she's quite tall. Now it's to her shoulders. It actually looks really nice.)

Also, I made ginderbread cookies and cleaned the windows. And the tub works!

Also, I've been reading too many scandinavian mysteries. I don't think they're actually very good for me. You get the feeling that people there are pretty isolated, and that the society doesn't actually work all that well. Problems with the youth of today.

That sort of thing.


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