Mysteriously better

2007-09-28 - 6:06 p.m.

Here I am. Just about to go home. It's Friday, and N is out, and M is at home peacefully watching the Gilmore Girls and happy, I think, to have the house to herself.

But I have to go home and make dinner soon, or it will just be too late.

This is one of the most major problems with working, I think. I come home, and I'm starving, and everyone is starving, and I have to make dinner.

If I were truly virtuous, which I am not, I would worry about it on the weekend. Hmmm. I'll think about that. It would make life easier.


Things were incredibly horrible and then, suddenly, they were not.

I do apologize for my comments about that poor pediatrician's shoes. I was just trying to describe her -- the kind of person whose stretchpants don't even fit her, and whose shoes are round and brown.

Actually, I had a linguistics professor who dressed quite a bit like this woman. She was very sharp, but possibly not in an interpersonal sense.


But the girls are good, and K is good, and I think things are going to be all right.

You know what -- I think it was a terrible snowballing of things -- stress from work, worry about N and school, worry about N and college, sadness that N will be leaving soon, stress of feeling like I had to convince this woman that N does have a problem. But I think it might have been the weather, too, since it seemed like everyone was having a terrible week.

But then Wednesday morning, after feeling rather murderous, I realized that there was nothing actually wrong, and then I felt quite a bit better. Fine, in fact.

So that was good.

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