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2007-09-29 - 3:21 p.m.


It's 3:30, give or take, and I'm home alone on a Saturday afternoon! N and M have both ventured over to the city -- M to take pictures of columns for Latin class, and N to go to the Love festival, whatever that may be. I secretly think M is secretly planning to end up at the Love festival, too, although she's being half sneaky about it. She sent me a secret message asking me how to get to the civic center, which is why I suspect.

Anyway -- I made N come home last night to get started on this college stuff. And she did, and we started, and it's all seeming a little better, now. It is interesting, actually. The websites are different. Some are kind and reassuring. Some are sort of haughty. Some course classes look great, and some seem great at first until you realize that there's no depth, and then a college that had seemed really interesting seems a little less so.

But we've got a calendar set up, and really when you look at it the essays are not all that daunting. (Some are more interesting than others, though. Some want to be patted on the back -- tell us why you love us! While others are more interested in you as a person. Some are actually just interesting -- you'd like to write about them. Which I imagine means they'll be more fun to read, too.)

They're expecting a lot of navel-gazing, though. Which is what I remember as being a hard thing about my first year out of college -- no one cared what I though about anything! I could not wait to get back to graduate school where people would once again care about what I thought. Demand to know, in fact.

Anyway, it all seems good. M is threatening to move into that sort of prickly teenagehood that N is perhaps emerging from. (I remember in particular a difficult weekend with N around the time she had to do this column assignment.) But it's nice to know, this time around, that it's just a phase. She most likely won't run away to live a life on the streets away from us. And it seems that the less we worry about it, the less there is of it to worry about.

So that's all good, and now I think I'll do some laundry, and load the dishes and sweep the floors.

Or maybe take a brief nap ...

It's a gorgeous day, too. Maybe I should go to the beach!


Jimmy the cat is sleeping so peacefully in the sun on the deck. He is becoming very cute in his old age.

Okay -- got to go.

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