2007-10-04 - 1:35 p.m.


Where were we?

My ears keep plugging and unplugging, and when they unplug, I can hear a fan.

It's a loud fan.

I've been making the kind of cookies that you have to roll out. First I made gingerbread cookies (the martha stewart recipe, which I must say is exceptional) and then chocolate cinnamon cookies, which were not bad either.

It's nice to make them. In the first place, we have a great kitchen for baking, since it has a lovely oven, and an island covered in s1lestone, which is big and has no grout.

My old kitchen had a rather tiny oven, and a tiny tiled counter which had to be scrubbed for half an hour before you dared to make cookies. And you had to take half the kitchen into the dining room just to give yourself that tiny amount of counterspace.

So that's nice.

Also, I feel like making them now, and I know I will at christmas, too, but at christmas there will be no time whatsoever, so at least I will have done it now.

I suppose it's my version of target's putting out all their christmas decorations now. Or so I've heard.

Also, though, we somehow have dinosaur and also halloween cookie cutters, and I am using them, which is pretty fun.

Best for eating: stegasaurus, apatosaurus, broom, witch and owl.

The pumpkin is nice to decorate.

For the chocolate cookies we used pink sprinkles with little flower decorations. There is not much nicer than a pink chocolate brontosaurus covered in flowers. Pink witches are rather nice, too. Have you read that book, The Littlest Witch? I recommend it highly, although I can't remember who wrote it.

I am also thinking about what I want for christmas:

a new bed, a camera, for my children to let me read them Bleak House, ... there were other things, too.

We went over N's college list. She has 6 schools that we think will let her in without a second thought, and really, any one of them would be just fine. Really just fine. She has about 6 schools that might let her in, and they're all fine, too. And she has 6 or 7 schools that most likely won't let her in, but might just, and those would all be good too.

So that's a relief.

And she's got one essay written, and two other thought about.

So we may just survive this process after all.

Oh, for N's birthday she wants to take 13 friends camping. I talked to the park ranger, and this is apparently completely fine. (!!!)

I think it will be fine, although I'm not completely certain that some stupid thing won't happen. When I was her ago, some friends and I drove up to a friend's family ski house in New Hampshire. We cooked dinner, stayed over night, went skiing, and came home. It was really fun. So it seems possible that it won't end in tears.

But who knows.

Anyway. Now I have to go.

M cut her hair (or had it cut). It was about 3 ft long, and now it's probably 12 ft. It looks great, actually. It's very thick, and kind of a deep red, and actually pretty nice. She looks so much more grown up all of a sudden, and she's acting more grown up, too.

That's how these things happen -- its' always a jolt, and you realize they've aged 6 months.

Now I really have to go --

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