Guilt free life

2007-10-09 - 1:20 p.m.

So, briefly:

My mother is here, and driving me crazy.

But not completely!

As anticipated, no sooner is she off the plane than she wants to go shopping for lights! or furniture! or something!

I mean, how can I complain about her coming to visit and wanting to by me light fixtures. Except that it is somehow annoying. There's an implicit criticism that I don't know how to take care of things myself. Which I don't think she means.

Anyway. The house is now habitable enough that I didn't feel she could do that much damage. (She does also have the tendency to make you buy things that aren't exactly your taste.) So we did go and pick out some lamps, and I think two of them work.

And I decided not to get wigged out by it all.

She did help me hang all the pictures, which is much easier to do with someone else, and which K and the girls are never too excited about doing. And it looks much nicer with pictures hung.

And when she looked out into the back yard and started asking me, "Now what is going on out here?" I took it as a sign of interest, and not a criticism.

She does have a rather prodigious amount of energy.

Anyway, she's here through Thursday, when she heads off to her reunion in Oakland. She's there through Sunday, and then leaves Monday.

So that should be bearable.

(I'm hiding here at work.)

Apparently she's home now cleaning out the refrigerator. Which is great! (Note lack of guilt.)

Anyway - now I'm going to eat some lunch.


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