The bell tolls for thee

2007-10-12 - 10:52 a.m.


Brief respite.

Friends gone up to their wedding (well, their brother's wedding) up in Garberville. Mother gone off to reunion to return on Sunday for one day.

It's ridiculous to try to entertain people during the week, so we really just didn't. We had dinner with them (takeout) on Wednesday, and hung around with them here and there, but it's tough, with homework and getting people off to school and entertaining my mother.

It was nice to see them, though. They have a one and a half year old who is very sweet and a ball of fire. And a nine year old.

N has started volunteering at her old preschool, and I think she's liking it. I haven't heard much, except she mentioned something last night about children, and also, a boy gave her a hair tie.

Back-to-school night. Well. What can I say -- M's latin class has 45 kids. N's gov't class is fabulous. N's English class looks better than she thinks. M's English class seems as bad as she describes. (They plan to read three books. Wow.)

It is such an experience in frustration and horror. I really can not wait to get out of there. I can not wait.

N's statistics class is good.

The amount she has not learned, though, is horrifying.

That's all I've got --

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