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2007-10-18 - 1:28 p.m.

Oh, dear diary. I have been quite remiss. But it's because I've been so busy --

Let's see -- my mother finally left. It's all so complicated. I think the trouble is that she just requires far more attention than I can spare in the midst of living my life, which is already far too busy.

So she wants to chat and shop and redo my life for me, and naturally I resist, and of course I don't have time.

Also, my life is full of other timesinks, so add one more and I'm completely sunk.

I'm trying to be good about calling her once a week, and that's actually not too bad. Also, then when she tries to make me feel guilty about never telling her anything, I can resist, because I have been quite good about calling.


But it has not been easy catching up, actually.

And what else -- it's coming down to crunch time for N with her applications. She's thinking about applying to a New England school early, so we're flying out in a few weeks so she can spend the night and have an interview. But there are lots of schools she likes. She's beginning to change her list around and to feel a bit more in control, I think. She jettisoned one college from the list and added one that had somehow fallen off. But she's got to get her photos in order and write her essays ...

It's good that she's applying early, because that will get the pain over earlier. (And if she ends up not, it will still have been a help in getting her started early.)

Oh, and the cat had a huge abcess. That took most of Monday night to take care of, and he's still not better, and he refuses to take his antibiotics. Ugh.

I stayed home Monday to get stuff in order. It was heaven! I wish I had a day a week to stay home. Also, it was great to be home when the kids come home.


Anyway -- so much for this terrible listy entry.

Perhaps something more coherent later --

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