2007-10-23 - 2:24 p.m.

Good heavens.

Work is busy. The house is a mess. We still have leftover pizza to eat for dinner.

I came home (late) yesterday to find M ensconced on the couch watching ... what's that show with Mr. Big as the detective? Some crime show. I sat down. We reheated the pizza (it's a stuffed pizza, so it's actually fine reheated). She did her homework, I knitted a sock, and that's the way we spent the evening.

It was kind of fun, although you emerge from a tv soaked stupor at 10:00, realize that the house is still a mess, no one has spoken to anyone, and it's time for bed.


So I'm heading home a little earlier today. That should help.

Also, today is toga day at LUPS. N actually has a toga -- well, it's a sheet with a purple stripe that her latin teacher loaned her. This week is probably the most fun week at LUPS -- Yesterday was 60s/70s day. Tomorrow is superhero day. Thursday is either pajama day or 80s day (if you're a senior) and friday is the day of school colors. This they actually do well -- probably because the administration pretty much stays out of it.

Well, in fact, they could easily mess it up by forbidding it, or somehow regulating it.

But they don't. So that's good.

I'm reading an interesting book, Where the lightening strikes by Peter Nabokov. It's about Indian sacred places.

Let's see - the description of the way indians (well, some tribe in Michigan in the 1700s, but also the Navajo in the not-too-distant past) think about time and space is quite interesting. Directions, for the tribe in Michigan, were more sort of narrative rather than spatial -- it was all about how you get there, and what landmarks you passed, and each landmark had a specific name and a specific meaning. This was true for the Navajo, too (I think they were Navajo -- maybe some other tribe in Arizona), where in addition, each place had a specific moral meaning. This is the place where this story (which gives this moral lesson) happened. So to remember the place is to remember part of the code by which you should live. To think about an instance of bad behavior is to have a certain place spring to mind.

Quite interesting, really.

Okay. That is really all.

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