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2007-10-31 - 10:29 a.m.


I'm playing hooky today. I have been so busy. There's work, where I am much busier than ever before (which is a good thing). There's getting N off to college. I'm not doing any of that, but somehow it is occupying. Actually, I lie. Today, for instance, I'm taking her photos down to the photo store to get them made into slides -- things like that, the procurement of envelopes, stamps, etc -- all take time. There's regular life -- food, cleaning, homework pestering -- There's Halloween, which is major.

Somehow there's enough time for everything so long as nothing intervenes. But since life is nothing if not a continuing series of interventions by this and by that -- projects, holidays, visitors, cat illnesses -- there pretty much isn't time.

Still, I don't know what I'd leave out.

Quite interesting, though -- this process of watching N write her college essay. It's a thing. It has to be about something -- some actual piece of her life -- and then it has to mean something else - something about life, or about her. Given her age, it's most likely about her coming to realize something.

Of course, that's what, on a good day, I do here. I'm also reading Through the children's gate, by Adam Gopnik, which is exactly that -- a series of essays about his life which point to deeper truths. It's what Jane Brocket does in her blog, and now in her new book. It's pretty much my favorite sort of thing.


Anyway. I've really got to go. This is my only day off, and Ive got to finish N's Cleopatra dress, find hair and bangles for her and hairspray for M, get to the photo store, get the house half-way cleaned up ...

I would love to get this kitchen shelf sorted out, but I don't see how that's going to happen --

Ho hum.

Got to go.

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