More leafpeeping, with prospect of snow

2007-11-08 - 4:04 p.m.

So -- tonight I'm in the Berkshires. God, it is gorgeous here, too. A bit more crowded here than Maine. Which would be a good thing if you like people.

It is lovely.

Anyway, N had a really good time last night and is hoping she gets in to Unmentioned School. And I didn't even say anything --

So, we're all hoping and hoping and hoping.

I'm really tired. I was awakened this morning at 5:30 when, loudly and inexplicably, Magic Man, by Heart was playing very loudly inside my head. Actually, it was the alarm clock, so I turned it off, but then could not get back to sleep and then I finally did, but had to get up.

So --

M and K seem to be surviving just fine without me, which is nice.

Hey, I went to L L B**n last night. I felt I had to, since it was there and open all night long.

It was quite nice, actually. I bought a sweater, which I am wearing right now. I told N and she said, Oh, it looks like something you already own.

Which I suppose is what I like about it. (Although it's nothing like anything I own. It's a heathered navy cabled cardigan. Very cozy.)

Okay, I suppose I should think about tomorrow and maybe think about eating something, although I'm still quite full from lunch.

N and I listened to Joni Mitchell's Blue in the car today. When I was her age it was one of my very favorite albums, and in fact, under my picture in the yearbook I put the quote, "I wish I had a river I could skate away on ..." I think if I had been my own child, I would have been seriously concerned about my sanity, but maybe I was sort of thinking, "okay, now it's time to skate away from this place into the world of exciting things like college and Joni Mitchell."

But really, what an extremely melodramatic album! I really almost could not listen to it -- why, for example, is she having all this unnecessary trouble with men? The ones she was hanging around with it seems better to drop, frankly. And Little Green, which is clearly (and now known to be, I suppose) about a baby she gave away. That, actually, made me cry, having just left N with her friend C.

Odd to listen to that and remember exactly how naive I really was. It gives me a bit more patience with N, actually. In many ways she is not quite such an idiot as I was.

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