Finally --

2007-11-16 - 4:19 p.m.



It's Friday, for one thing.

N. got application number one in. Well, it's number 2, because she sent in a free one to a school that had this easy free one. But that didn't seem real, so it doesn't count. This one does. Yay!

N and I met with the behavioral pediatrician for her final pronouncement. This is the woman with the terrible shoes (which have not, by the way, reappeared.) K couldn't make it, and the rest of us were all sort of tied up in knots because we have never really felt a connection to this woman. But it was fine, actually. N is not an open and shut case. She's going to try a medication, which may or may not work, but also she really ought to go see a person to help her organizationally. She's quite resistant to this, but I think because she's thinking it's going to be someone like me, who will pester, whereas it will really be some one to give her tips, like -- when reading a boring textbook, read the first and the last paragraphs of a chapter, and then the first sentence of every chapter in between.

And I sort of lost it, because the doctor suggested that I butt out, but then came to realize that I am not actually a butting-in type person so much as a person faced with a kid who won't talk. Mostly.

So she was a bit more sympathetic.

She also suggested that college might be better for N than high school was, and suggested that high school might have actually been not so great. And as I reflect upon this, I think that she is right. There has never been a place for N there. There are the kids clawing their way the Ivy League, and she's revolted by them. And then there are the kids who just aren't all that interested, and she's not one of them, either. Dr. B. suggested that for some people, high school is just not that motivating, and I think that for N, that may be the case.

So, that's where we are, and I am hugely grateful to have that over with ... Well, to have a known result. This is something we can work with, whereas until this meeting I was pretty sure we were going to have to go look for someone else.

And of course, she is right -- N is about to go off to college, and it's really going to be up to her, and not me. But I want to send her off with the knowledge that problems can be confronted and addressed and that she shouldn't be afraid to confront and address them. So that all feels better.

In other news, the weather has turned and it is now possible to wear a sweater, although I hear it's supposed to warm up again. It's nice to be home (although I'm at work, now, but about to go home), and I'm planning a quilt -- We'll see how that goes. Also, N wants a hat. Hooray for hats!

Okay -- got to go.

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