2007-12-10 - 2:15 p.m.

Let's see.

K's brother N is visiting us for a few days. It's fun to have him around, actually. Saturday he and I went for a walk to the ocean. He's a good walking companion because he's interested in things. We saw an interesting geological formation, examined it, thought about it, looked it up when we got home -- it was fun! I'm afraid that none of my normal walking companions are ever interested in stuff. (What am I talking about -- I don't have normal walking companions). Yesterday we went for a walk and saw a falcon and heard two owls.

Anyway, it was lovely to be out for a long walk in the crisp weather. I used to love to go for winter walks when I was in high school. I do remember coming home after a long ramble in the late afternoon and the house would be warm and with any luck there would be food.

In this case, there was no food until I went to the grocery store, but even that was just fine.

Another good thing about N is that he is incredibly easily amused. It's quite nice to be in one room and hear him cracking up about something in another room.

AND he helps with the dishes.

For these three reasons, he can stay as long as he likes.

Saturday we brought him to a Chanukah party we were invited to, and he was good company there, too.

Also, he helped M and me put lights up around the porch. It looks quite festive.

Not much else to report. Christmas is creeping up, and I'd better do something about it.

I think I have a few ideas, though.

And I purchased a wreath, but have not found the wire yet to hang it up with.

Okay -- got to go ...

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