2007-12-11 - 2:19 p.m.

Things I want:

  • New mattress
  • fire pit
  • new slippers
  • new light fixture for living room

Things for M

  • More memory for her i-pod. (Is such a thing possible? She claims so.)
  • Camera to replace the one I ruined by dropping into bay.
  • laptop (which will be a family laptop)

Things for N

  • Camera to replace the one the batteries fall out of.
  • ? College things? Should we wait until we know? Much is uncertain here.

Things for K

  • kitchen stool
  • spatulas
  • new swiss army knife

Things I have to do:

  • Procure above.
  • Make a bunch of tote bags.
  • Knit some things.
  • Mail a bunch of stuff.
  • Take a picture of house with girls to enclose in xmas cards.
  • The cards.
  • Think about, but ultimately reject the idea of writing a christmas letter.
  • Think about other necessary stuff.
  • Get a tree.
  • Decorate said tree.
  • Yikes!
  • Go on vacation.


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