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2007-12-12 - 5:04 p.m.


This is the very week that College A is deciding about N. Apparently, they called her counselor to ask for her current grades. Counselor called N, but N did not respond. Counselor called our house and talked to M. M called me. I called counselor. I called N. Hopefully N went to speak to counselor.

I do not know. Her grades are not good. Not good at all. I think she wants to go to College A, but perhaps, as the counselor said, the fact that her grades are not good is a Signal. A signal that she is perhaps terrified of College A. A signal that perhaps she'd be happier at some other College. So. I'm sort of thinking that whatever happens happens, and that if she does not get in to College A, it will probably be all right.

If she really wants to go to College A, she's going to have to do some convincing. If she's up for the convincing, I think that will be the signal that she's not terrified of College A. If she's not, well --

There are other colleges -- College B and College K and College U and College S.

Poor N. I think she is finally pulling it all together, but it may very well be a bit too late.

But even that will be okay, I think.

We shall see.

College S appeals to me. It's way up on the river between us and our neighbors to the north. I'd go there in an instant, but I'm not completely convinced that N will. Plus, it would be about a two day trip to get from there to here, and that seems a little extreme to me.

Poor N.

In other news, I do think the medication is helping. She does seem, mostly, to be able to sit down and get her homework done. But there are other things she won't do. She's supposed to post a current event on-line for her gov't class, and to my knowledge she still has not done it. She will find the current event, and mail it to herself, but she will not post it. To worried that others will think it's a stupid current event, I think. There's a lack of confidence --

I wonder how much of it is all of a piece -- how much of it comes from feeling bad about herself for doing so poorly, and how much is just an innate shyness.

A bit of both, I'd expect.

Maybe it would be good for her to be close to home for a year, just to get her going.

On the other hand, I know she's absolutely got to get off and on her own.

But maybe a place that would happy to take her, bad grades and all. It might actually boost her confidence to be at a place where she's not the last person accepted, but rather someone who's courted.


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Think I'll go home now.

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