Fortuna, fortunae

2007-12-13 - 8:29 a.m.


Extraordinary measures have been made, fulcrums flown out to Mars, etc., and continue to be made. N stayed up nearly all night getting caught up on gov't, writing essays, etc. Now she has to go do the convincing.

Perhaps this will be an object lesson. Had she gone earlier to talk to her counselor, it would have been a lot easier. She has an A in statistics that was turned into a B because she wasn't up to date on her tutoring, for instance. She's now caught up, and her grade could have been changed last week, had we known it was important. She loses points because she doesn't know how to start an essay, so she puts it aside and it becomes late, and her teachers think she doesn't care. She needs to know that it's okay to go ask for help. But even learning that is worthwhile.

Honestly, though, I think the medication is working. the fact that she actually is now caught up on her tutoring, and that all here notebooks are in order, and that she was able to come right home and get to work last night, instead of being so terrified that she couldn't work. These are all good signs.

Anyway. What I'm thinking is this. If fortune is completely with us, her grades will get changed, the teachers will be willing to submit grade change forms, the registrar will be willing to accept them and get her transcript out today. That's a lot of ifs -- the registrar, for instance, is notoriously difficult. If fortune is not with us, well -- at least she's tried. I think she will feel a lot better about not getting what she wants if she's at least tried.

The grades paralyzed her (and me). She should have gone to talk to I right away. But we didn't know they would be asked for. We thought they'd be better by mid-year. We didn't know things could be changed. We were afraid to even think about it. Now we know, and I hope it's not too late.

Thank god for the counselor, though. She is great, and there's already a huge piece of luck that N has her and not the other one. That is a huge thing -- for all the breaks that haven't gone her way, there's one that did.

And now I'm at work, on time for once, but not having slep very much. Hmmm. Perhaps I will leave early --

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