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2007-12-16 - 9:05 a.m.

It's 9:00 on Sunday morning. K is off playing tennis. The girls are still asleep. Only I am down here on the couch, thinking about stuff.

Since N won't hear from favored college until, at the earliest, Monday, there were two other applications due yesterday that she had to submit. Actually, I think the process is a good one. It's like figuring out what you actually think when you write the paper -- she's figuring out where she really wants to go and why. Favored college is still favored, but there are others that she'd also like, and she's able to articulate why. Key is that people there not take themselves too seriously. She managed to write three essays yesterday, which is pretty good. There are 8 billion more, but we're beginning to see patterns, and there are more and more essays that can be reworked and used again. It's good for her. I think it also helps to see that there are lots of options.

The last essay was due yesterday at 9:00 PM, but she wanted to go out at 8:30. M went out at 6:15 to see two friends' dance performance. K and I attended the neighborhood progressive dinner. It was a hive of activity around here -- M left, then K and I, then I slipped back to help with the editing and ended up driving the essays to my office to submit them from there, since it was 8:20 and we were unable to upload them from the computer at home ... I sent N off, and they went right away from my work computer. Then I returned to house number two for dinner. Dessert happened at house 3, right next door to us, actually, just as M reappeared on the porch needing to be let in. So that all worked out nicely. It was a nice party, actually. I like our next door neighbors, on both sides, very much.

I'm glad we moved, and I'm glad we live here, close to downtown B. I went to the library yesterday to retrieve A Christmas Carol since our two copies are inextricably lost somewhere in the attic, and I found three copies! I drove there, but I could have walked. It's nice. In R, I could have driven to the library, and I might have found a copy, but there would not have been nearly so many people using the library. It's nice to live in a place that cares about things we care about.

Anyway, K is back, and I think I'll go --

Happy third Sunday of Advent!

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