No snow

2007-12-17 - 11:50 a.m.

Oh dear -- I'm at work, but I'm thinking about leaving. It's come down to the wire, now, and I sort of want to go home and get the house cleaned up for Christmas. Not very romantic, I know, but it's much more fun to have our two weeks of lying around if you start with clean bathrooms. It's easier to make cookies if the kitchen table is not littered with paper.

Because N is still waiting to hear from College A, she had to finish a few applications that are due in the meantime, which she did, but it was down to the wire. We also had our neighborhood dinner, which was really fun, and got our tree, also fun, and rearranged the living room so we could put it up. It looks nice, now, actually. This may be an answer.

The dessert course of the neighborhood dinner was held next door, in a house that's a twin to ours. Well, triplet, actually, because there's another party Christmas Eve in the third triplet house. It's interesting to see how they are different. There's a certain living/dining configuration that makes a lot of sense, but which, due to a built-in bench in our house, and our couch, we can't currently use. Something to think about, though. We all have this sort of funny room, which is longer than it is wide, and cut about a third of the way across by the passage from the front hall to the kitchen. A design challenge.
(It's also very strange to see our wierd little sideboard with the doric columns in someone else's Christmas card!)

Okay. I think I'll take care of a few things and then head home ...

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