Totally swamped

2007-12-19 - 10:12 a.m.


I'm taking a day off. This time of year is always frustrating. I want to stay home and do a million things. There are a million things going on at work. I should just accept the inevitable and plan to take the week before xmas off. But I always try not to until I can't stand it any more, and then I do.

So --

Now here I am, about to embark upon a my million-thing-agenda.


[I've just walked around the house once. Hmmm.]

I think I'd better just pick something and start doing it. Perhaps I will concentrate on things that need to be mailed out. Once those are gone, I can put away all this fabric, sit on the couch and reflect further.

Yeah. That's a good idea.

Lucy is starting at me. (She's a cat.) I suppose she is wondering why I am here.

Also, it's a bit cold. Perhaps I should start a fire!

Okay, got to go --

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