2007-12-21 - 12:01 p.m.

So ---

I'm up and the girls are asleep and school is out. Yay!

I've made 46 (I exaggerate only slightly) tote bags, with lineny fabric on the outside and then lined with goofy prints on the inside. I'm going to put some funny little carved wooden things in them, a stuffed tree>stuffed tree and, for the cousins we're actually seeing, a little something else (like a book), and that's it. I knit a scarf for my mother, with a tote bag and a book. I also made tote bags for my two sisters (quite appropriate, too -- my contractor sister's is lined with power tool fabric, and my sister who likes sewing doll clothes's is lined with this funny fabric with world war two stuff, including three nurses, or wacs or waves, with their arms linked. M agreed -- Betsy will like it.) Anyway -- that's the stuff that has to be mailed. Cards have to be sent, but K has to sign off on the xmas letter before I can do that, and I have plenty of cards (from the three years I've purchased cards and not sent them out!) so -- that will be highly satisfying. If I can, I have a pair of mittens I want to knit for K's mother, and I also have a tote bag for her. I sent coffee to my brothers, and I do need to come up with something for the local brother and boyfriend. Hmmm.

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