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2007-12-26 - 11:05 a.m.

In the end, it was a lovely Christmas. Present were purchased (I went shopping with M, N with her friend E and K by himself). Parties were attended (K and I to the usual Xmas eve party at a friend of his from school, N at E's, M, actually, stayed home). Presents were wrapped. (K and I in our room, N and M in M's). Presents were opened. Marathon watching sessions of the Gilmore Girls and Planet Earth ensued. My brother and his partner arriced at 4 with crab to find us all in our bathrobes on the couch, wrapping paper everywhere. But, I had the turkey in the oven, the potatoes peeled, the brussels sprouts steamed, the salad made, the cranberry sauce in a can (there were no fresh cranberries! But it turns out the canned kind is actually not so bad.) So after some quick tidying up, etc, we were ready, and dinner was at a reasonable hour. We ate, it was fun, we played scrabble, D and D went home, we watched more Gilmore girls.


Today friends come for dinner and tomorrow we're off for Pittsburgh. Very smart not to leave today -- I have time to do laundry and mail all the packages that I still haven't mailed.

A nice Christmas, though.

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