great expectations

2008-01-04 - 9:15 a.m.


Home today. Last day of vacation, and there's a huge storm outside! Wind and rain. Our house, with its rattly windows, amplifies everything. N had left a window open, so when I got up her door was rattling in the doorjamb. The cats did not like it. I went in to close the window. She was fast asleep.

Wow -- I can see the rain dripping out of the gutters. Which should not be full -- the house is too tall for the gutters to fill up with leaves. Or at least too tall for us to clean them out.

Anyway. Last lovely day at home (well, before the weekend.)

I should do any number of projects, but I think I may just read Great Expectations. I got M the tape, but I myself have never read it, for just the reasons that M cites as she worries about it.

"I wish Pip had never met Miss Havesham. He was happy with Joe. He was going to be a blacksmith and he was happy. Now he spends too much money and isn't very nice and isn't very happy."

We're assuming all comes right in the end. Right?

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