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2008-01-08 - 12:18 p.m.

It's that sleepy first week back at work. Everyone seems slightly stunned.

N spent the night on the couch, "so I would wake up in the morning,' she said. I believe she was up til about 4 finishing up (and not finishing up) homework. It was a little surprising to find her there this morning, though. She responded well to breakfast-on-the-couch, and was a little late, but not critically.

I'd forgotten that I had a LUPS development group meeting last night, so I got the pork roast in the oven and then I had to leave. It seems that they ate it, though, and there really aren't enough leftovers for tonight. I guess I'll have to play my spaghetti card before I'd wanted to, unless I go to the grocery store. Hmmm.

I'm feeling happier and happier about N's choice of school. I was poking around on the website, and reading the newspaper, and it really does seem like a good match for her. I am reinforced in this belief, too, because the chair of the LUPS DG, whose son applied early to Blue State Inst. of Tech and was waitlisted, was kind of snooty about the whole thing. I suppose N could have picked a school that was harder to get into and applied early there. But in fact she applied early where she did because she liked the school and felt like it would be a good fit. I mean, probably LUPSDG chair's son did, too -- but. It's actually a nice thing to have removed ourselves from the insane competition which we ( by which I mean N) could have jumped into with both feet. She could have applied to my old school, and she would most likely have gotten deferred, and then possibly rejected.

I don't know. I think that when I applied, I didn't actually look around for a school that would really suit me. Not really knowing any better, I applied where my friends were applying. It all turned out well, and I was happy where I went. But I am happy that N made a more considered choice, and I'm happy that it was based on a pretty thorough consideration of where she thought she'd be happy, and not what would be the most prestigious (not that her school is not prestigious)school she could get into. And then, too, I'm happy that it all worked out and that she got in.

So -- that's all a good thing.

It's still rainy and stormy, which makes me quite happy. I love winter.

Now I think I'll grab some lunch --


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