2008-01-16 - 4:20 p.m.

Oh dear. I am completely blurry-headed. I ended up staying up quite late with N, who finally finished that blessed campaign notebook. At some cost, because she's completely exhausted. But we can look forward to the end of the semester, now. The girls have a three day weekend this weekend and also next weekend, and I think we should go skiing next weekend, which has the advantage of being farther away (so it will be easier to get a reservation) and not a general holiday weekend (so it will be easier to get a reservation) and possibly, just possibly, we won't be completely exhausted, the way I have a feeling I'm going to be this weekend.

I knitted a lot of my clapotis, which I think I like after all. (I was afraid it was going to be too purple.)

I've got my book group tonight. I have to type up the minutes from the LUPS development group, which will be a problem because apparently the computer keyboard isn't working (which also made the campaign notebook a bit of a challenge).

And I called the Ed. Therapist last night about N, and as I suspected it was a great relief. She had really good things to say about Moosey College. She also confirmed that of course it's great that the meds are working (and I think they are) but that it's perfectly understandable that she'll need some sort of organizational advice, too, since she's still the same person, doing things the same ways. The ET is so much more helpful than the pediatrician, who seems to regard k and me as strange outsiders whose only wish is to interfere in N's life, and who must be deprived of all information. I think I will call her, too, just to let her know that if there's anything we should know, we'd be happy to know it. You know, if we're not butting in too much. But really, it's fine talking to the ET, who I think has a better grasp on the ET side of things (and N, for that matter, and us, for that matter), anyway.

It would not be surprising if N did have psychological problems stemming from having school (which clearly matters so much to K and me) be so difficult, and from the disconnect of knowing she's smart, but not being able to carry that through to glowing academic success. And if she does, it would also not be at all unlike her to refuse to admit any trouble to us. So it's possible that the pediatrician thinks there's more than just ADD going on, and it's possible that she's right, but I'm also not sure that the pediatrician trusts us, or thinks it's appropriate, now that N is 18, to let us know, or something. She sort of resists our thinking of N as our child. So I think I'll just call her and see if there's anything she wants to spill, or anyhow see if she thinks there's anything else we should be doing --

It feels more manageable today, though.

School is just really hard. M, good student extraordinaire, got a D on her Latin vocab test because of some trouble with derivatives. M actually has a fairly decent vocabulary, due to her P.G. Wodehouse obsession, so I think the D is more a sign of the hardness of the test rather than her preparedness or knowledge. It's kind of not like when I went to school, when it did not seem to take that much effort (from what I remember) to have reasonably good grades. I'm pretty sure I never got a D. So -- I'm willing to sort of let the grades go. I don't know what N will get on that notebook, but she now really does know just about everything about how campaigns work. And M really does know a lot of latin -- she's started speaking it, in fact. So I'm not to worried about the grades. There are things more important than grades, actually.

And with these extremely important thoughts, I'm going home. I'm tired --

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