2008-01-17 - 2:43 p.m.

Oh, wait. This is cute.

There's a cupcake store down the street from us. It's sort of tucked in an alley (w_nut square, if you know the area), so we rarely go there, but they do have a sign on the street, and K's mother E bought some cupcakes there for dessert once.

Anyway, yesterday and then the day before yesterday I've come home to find the girls sitting in the living room doing homework (or watching the Gilmore Girls and doing homework) with a plate with one or, the next day, two cupcake wrappers on it between them.

Isn't that sweet? N needs to tutor someone, and M has been nice enough to be that someone, and then on their way home from the bus stop from school after tutoring they stop in at the cupcake store and buy a cupcake or two.

It makes me happy -- they go through periods of being close and of not being close, but I think with N about to go away, and M feeling more like a confident teenager they've fallen into a closer period. It's very very good, and hopefully means they'll always and forever be close.

Oh, okay. I'm going too far. But who knows -- maybe that's exactly what it means.

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