2008-01-23 - 12:18 p.m.


What is wrong with me? I'm tired, and I just want to go home and work on the quilt I'm in the middle of.

It's going to be nice, after all, I think. It's browns and reds. Its pieces scattered all over the dining room table look very cheerful.

I got the tree out this morning, but I have no confidence that the pick-up people will actually pick it up. That's okay -- it was really only up to me to get it out of the house.

I still have to pack up all the ornaments, etc.

N and I watched a million episodes of the american office while she studied for her physics exam. Now I see my whole life as the office. I like that it's only the office -- we never see them away from the office. We also like the american one much better than the english one, which is pretty unwatchable. I think it's because ricky gervais is so very convincing that it's too painful to watch.

Hmmm. The house looks kind of nice with the tree gone.


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