2004-04-16 - 10:53 a.m.


So I've sufficiently bribed each kid into taking sailing lessons. I know I'm horrible. They think I'm horrible. But how terrible can it be? Secretly, I think they are counting on me to be horrible.

AND Nora got her hair cut, and it looks cute! (The bribe for her was to let her pierce the top part of her ear. Yuck.)

And they are all signed up for all the camps they're going to. Nora's staying home for two weeks, but I think that will be okay. She wants to hang out with a friend who's moving to England, and another friend, and then she's going to sleepaway camp for three weeks.

Maddy's home for one week (although she's going to Santa Cruz for part of the week) and then she has one camp with one friend and two camps with another friend and then we're going east. I guess I still need to worry about riding lessons over the summer -- But otherwise, she's in good shape.

So -- good.

I cleaned out a bookcase the other day. very good. I got rid of some books. I dusted. Next, I tackle the other side pf the bookcase, which is full of legos. I believe I can get rid of those, or at least move them to the basement.

I finished the back of Liam's yellow cotton sweater. It looks nice! I have a plan for Esther's scarf, and a possible sweater for Maggie. In case anyone cares, Liam is my nephew, and I'm making him a sweater for his birthday, and it will be sort of a sweatshirt, with a pocket and a hood, and it's sunflower yellow, and made out of Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton, which is pretty cheap, and quite nice. Maggie's favorite color is blue, apparently, although I think I will check becauase she seems like a red girl to me. For Esther, I am going to make a scarf out of some nice Noro wool, I think -- probably a wool/silk blend in a nice greeny sort of color. I was going to make her socks, but maybe next year ...

And I think my next project will possibly be for me, which I think would be a really good idea.

And my head hurts -- I'm not sure why. I think lack of sleep, due to this wretched time change, which takes me about a month to get used to. Or at least til it startes getting light in the morning again.

Okay, then.

That was today's inspirational news.


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