Slightly, but not much, more

2003-11-19 - 10:10 a.m.


Here I am.

Watched Pride and Prejudice last night up to the point where Mr. Darcy is nice to Elizabeth at Pemberley. Have to go back to the video store for the rest of it.

Not much else new to report --

Stayed up too late and now I'm tired.

I have a new black skirt.

I didn't ride my bike because I have to take Maddy to the eye doctor.

I need to make dental and doctor's appointments for them all, too. I think I'll try to do it over Christmas. It's horrible, but less horrible than trying to fit it all in during the regular week.

Fascinating, no?

Kevin is grumpy, but I'm not sure why. Too much to do, I suspect.

And now I have a headache.



I dreamed last night that I'd decided to go to law school. I'm thinking more and more that I might like it.

I'm also starting to feel somewhat sentimentally attached to the state of California, and to this institution in particular. Maybe because fall is pretty, and because I went to a reception honoring two of my colleagues that was really nice.

I mean, I'm not from here, and I won't stay here, but it's not a bad thing to have the occasional fond feeling, I suppose.

So -- there you have it.

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