2007-08-02 - 8:23 a.m.


I sneaked out of the house this morning early, although before leaving I did bring down from the attic (per specific request) M's suitcase and a box of stuff from her old room for her to look through.

Do you wonder exactly what the sneakoscopes do in Harry Potter? Like, one went off around Crookshanks and Scabbers -- was it telling people that Scabbers was really Peter Pettigrew? That Crookshanks was no ordinary cat? Doesn't Hermione give Harry one in Book 7? Does it ever pipe up?

They don't seem quite as useful as you'd hope.

So -- I think I'm sort of settling in to having N gone. It is funny, actually. One of the symptoms, or typical behaviors, or whatever, of ADHD is restlessness and a liking for lots of stimuli. (According to the one book I've read, which of course makes me an expert.) But's it's certainly true of N. The rest of us are pretty content to hang around and read a book all day, but not N, and that's been a challenge over summers, at least when the kids are at home. In Massachusetts, it's fine, because there are always a thousand things to do and people to visit. N liked to make my stepfather stay up until three playing poker, for instance. But at home, at least when she reached her teenage years, there's always a delicate balance. Of course it's great that she's out doing something -- the question is always, what? And with whom? I've always had to delicately keep track of her movements. It's always kind of a relief to have her off to camp, or off to my mother's where I figure someone else is keeping an eye on her, or there's not really much trouble for her to get in to.

Of course, god knows what she's getting up to in Spain, but she is older now and fairly sensible, and it's unlikely she'll be bored.

Anyway, I have a ton of stuff to do and not much time, so --

see you later ...

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