2003-09-26 - 2:53 p.m.


Can I add an real entry?

I'm not sure why I'm so very grouchy.

Partly it started Tuesday, when I went to the DMV, and then had to go home to get a screwdriver, because they needed me to take the old licence plate off and bring it to them. Not that they weren't perfectly nice -- they even had screwdrivers, but not ones that worked. Anyway -- I realized I'd have to go home and I felt like I was about to cry.

Then yesterday, that rather horrible meeting.

Then there's my tooth, which I'm going to have to have extracted.

Then today, when I had to come to work only to leave to go pick up Nora and her friend, and then come back to be on the reference desk, where the world's most annoying woman came and badgered me.

Usually I'm pretty immune to annoying people and life's little disturbances.

Maybe it's the tooth.

Maybe it's worrying about Nora and high school, or Maddy and middle school, although Nora is turning into a pretty capable and resourceful kid, and I think middle school will be really good for Maddy.

It's certainly at least partly that I had to drive in, when I really wanted to ride my bike -- because of the aforementioned kid-delivery problems.

It's almost certainly a combination of tooth-worry and then interpersonal problems -- the annoying mother of Nora's friend who needed me to pick Nora up this morning. If I were her, I would have offered to take Nora home, although maybe she just couldn't. I'm sort of shlepping Nora's other friend around. I suppose I'm feeling sort of put upon about all that.

And then yesterday's meeting --

Then, my head hurts, too.

I think I need to go out and have a drink with a friend -- hmmm. Maybe my friend A.

And I need to go to REI, because I think we really have to go backpacking or I'm going to be too sad for words --


Okay -- Bye then.


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