2002-10-15 - 10:09 a.m.

OKay --

So life has gotten more interesting.

In the first place, it's really fall. It's slightly chilly (like you can still wear shorts, but you might want to bring a sweater in the morning), and it's gray, and there are golden leaves around, and the occasional bare tree.

I love fall -- I love it when the seasons change, but I think I especially love fall. It makes me think about skiing, and cold and winter and fireplaces.

I ought to get the garden ready -- hmmm.

And I've been washing all the walls in the house, for which I think I ought to be awarded a medal. They're really dusty -- some more than others. But they certainly look better clean. I think I'm going to take the dollhouses down to the basement, at least for a little while. Our house is so small, and it's so much nicer with less stuff.

And I got the curtains cleaned, and that helps a lot, too.

And I think I might get those coveted Ikea sailboat curtains for the kitchen. I think they'd be cheery.

So -- all that's been going on.

AND -- I went sailing all weekend, which was wonderful. Even though I completely failed at picking Andy up when he fell out of the boat.

In the first place, I do think it was sort of his fault for falling out in the first place. He was hiking out way too far. I suppose because I wasn't hiking out far enough. But he should have told me to hike out farther, then. Secondly, how the hell do you fall out of a boat?

But nevermind, I should have picked him up, but the boat handles really differently when you're alone in it. It was hard to tack without capsizing. It was hard to tack at all.

Anyway -- Patrick, the instructor, looked at me gravely and wondered just what the hell had happened.

I felt quite bad.

It doesn't help that Patrick is probably the age of my little brother Patrick. Well, probably younger, but an age that my brother Patrick was in recent memory. It's a bit awful to be getting a grave look from a little-brother-stand-in.

So I'm going to go back out, maybe with Nora this weekend, and practice picking things up from the water.

Shouldn't be so hard.

But I can rent boats, now!

The thing is -- I want that easy confidence that Patrick has. I want to be able to stand up and drive backwards in motor boats. I want to be able to stand up and sail backwards.

So I'm going to keep going out until I have just that.


Okay. Now I have to do a bit of work, and then go home, because Nora is sick and at home.

Okay, then.


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