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2002-11-05 - 9:19 a.m.

So --

Went to book group last night. We were supposed to have read Grace Paley's Enormous Changes at the Very Last Minute. None of us had actually read all of them, but the advantage of reading short stories is that you can talk about the ones you HAVE read. Alice loved them. Anne didn't like them, because she didn't like the characters. I guess I was in between. I admire them, but I'm not sure I love them.

Anne's son Sam, who is in 8th grade, piped up on occasion. He thinks it can be fun to read books with main characters that you don't like, because it can be fun to hate them.

We also talked about our adolescent children. Apparently, 13 is the year from hell for girls. Nora is still basically okay, but I can imagine that we're in for some rough times.


Then, apparently, they snap out of it.

So next we're going to read No. 1 ladies detective agency, by Alexander McCall Smith. I tried to get them to read Austerlitz, by W.G. Sebald, but it scared them. I think we're not really an Oprah book club. We don't like deep reading, but we also don't like mushy reading. I think we like quirky reading.

But I'm going to read Austerlitz. I read Rings of Saturn and liked it.


And while I was gone, Nora finished her posterboard display on Kiluauea Volcano, and Maddy finished her spelling homework, and Kevin helped her learn 6 words, and Kevin even cooked noodles for Nora! Leaving the kitchen a mess, of course. It doesn't sound like much, but he actually is getting much better about coping with them in my absense -- Which is great.

I know -- other people have husbands who shop and cook and help kids with homework on a regular basis. Probably they even know how to do the laundry. Kevin does iron all his own shirts, however.

Anyway --

I am completely buried in work, here, so I think I'd better go get a cup of tea.

Yawn --


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