2002-11-08 - 10:48 a.m.

So --

I've been to a meeting, and now I'm back, and I feel stuffed and hot and ready to go take a nap.


I ended up standing for most of it, which probably accounts for my feelings.

It's raining, which is very exciting. We had a storm, with a power outage, and wind and branches down and all kinds of excitement last night. That was quite fun. Everyone did her homework anyway, and Kevin grumbled bitterly.

He's in a very bad mood lately. I'm not sure why. I think he needs more exercise.

I went to yoga last night. It's kind of funny. It's the first class, and it said for beginning through intermediate people. I don't know anything, but I signed up for it. Last night, though, I had second thoughts -- what if everyone is really intermediate but me! But the girls made me go -- (ha!) and then I was glad I did.

It's nice. It hurts a little when you're doing it, and then this morning certain things -- shoulders -- are a little sore, but not unbearably. But mostly I feel sort of de-tense-ified. More like an absense of stiffness than a presence of something. But nice.

I think Kevin should do it, too.

OKay, then.

I think I'm going to just get some stuff done here -- nothing that requires too much thought.


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