Need some tea -- got to go

2002-11-22 - 9:43 a.m.


I had yoga class last night. It was all about digestion. She was worried about us a)digesting huge amounts of food and b) encountering stress from cooking for relatives.

Which was thoughtful and appropriate, I think -- we're all women in that class. At least three are of grandparent-age, and the rest of parent-age -- certainly all of an age where we might be cooking.

I, thank god, am not. We're going to Phoenix, to see my grandmother, and my mother and her husband, and my brother, my sister, and my other brother. It should be fun. Chaotic, but fun. And I'm not cooking.

We're driving, and I think we'll drive back up the eastern side of the sierras, which is incredibly bleak and beautiful. Possibly snow. Hooray!

I'm at work, and I realize I have not brushed my hair. I wonder if I should consider expanding the usual three minutes I leave myself for personal hygiene in the morning? The trouble, actually, is the dearth of findable hairbrushes in my house. I know we have about 5 identical hairbrushes somewhere around -- but the only one I can find is the one in Maddy's backpack -- which then she wants to use. Nora has her own, which she keeps hidden, somewhere.

Anyway. I do have one at work -- maybe I should just come in my pyjamas and get dressed here.

Also, I am sick. I have a cold.

Oh, god, and I have a million things to do -- call the pool about Nora's party, and call the people about doing an assessment of Maddy.


In other news -- well, I don't think there is other news.

I think I may attempt to clean off my desk. I think the dust may be trying to kill me.

Okay, then.


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