social quandary

2003-01-29 - 1:22 p.m.

Hey, you know what?

My friend Lynn from Rhode Island is coming to visit us in February, and we're going to go skiing, and it will be really fun. She has an 8 year old who usually gets along with my kids just fine.

But here's the thing. Kevin and I went to college with Lynn, and we also went to college with this couple. We never knew this couple at school -- they're maybe a year or so older than us, so we could have, but didn't.

And they have a ski house near the ski house we're renting.

So Kevin calls them up to a) ask them about renting a ski house and b) suggest that we get together for dinner or something.

They're actually nice, and our kids have gone to school with various of their kids over the years.

But my first reaction was, Oh no! They don't want to have dinner with us! Oh no! Ugh! It will be horrible for everyone!

Sort of as if my parents had arranged a play date for me when I was 12 with someone I sort of knew but didn't.

Then I thought about it, and I realized -- this is not so awful. We don't really know them, but maybe normal people do get together for dinner now and then ...

I think I'm some kind of asocial freak.

Well, actually, I guess I already knew that.


Probably it will be okay. The thing is, the guy of this couple is very nice, but does sort of tend to take charge of things.


Maybe Lynn will hate them.

She does tend to hate people more than I do -- although she also tends to like people more than I do, too.

Okay -- Very important and Busy things to do.


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