2003-03-06 - 11:19 a.m.

So --

Let's see.

Nora's finished Romeo and Juliet and now they're watching movies. They've seen the Zefirelli one -- I remember when that came out. I was in high school, and had only recently read the play, and it was completely scandalous, but we all went to see it. Apparently it's rated PG! THey apparently talked about that -- actually, I'm pleased. She told me it was pretty close to the original play, except that it left out some scene with the nurse, and the actors were 15 and 17, when in the play itself they were 13 and 14. So I think they read it fairly carefully.

Now they're going to see the modern Leonardo di Caprio one. We watched it a few years ago when she was in Shakespeare camp. And she watched West Side Story over at her friend's house.

So --

And her arm has not rotted off, which I think is a good thing. The cast appears to be all dry and recovered, and she has even showered again since the terrible event.

And Maddy and one of her friends are starting a newspaper, to be called the [School Name] Pickle. Maddy thought up the name. It's going to have cartoons, and funny news, and sports.

So that's good --

And I've taken care of a few horrible work things -- so that's good.

And --

I guess I'll go make an appointment to have my ear looked at again.

And -- umm -- I guess that's it.


We all went to sleep early last night -- the kids and Kevin around 8:30 and I at a little after 10. Ahh. Sleep.

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