2003-03-11 - 10:49 a.m.


So I was out yesterday having serious procedures done, but apparently they have fixed me, and now I am better.

I certainly hope so.

I still feel sleepy, though. I spent all of yesterday afternoon napping, although I think every half and hour or so I was woken up by the telephone. Once my mother, checking to make sure I'd lived, and once the doctor, ditto, and a few times people for Kevin, and I'm not even sure what the other times were. I'd just be deep in a deep sleep and the phone would ring.

So --

The electrician was around in the morning, and now the garage is all hooked up. We just have to paint it, a nice soothing green, I think, and epoxy the cement floor, and build some shelves, and Kevin can move all his papers down there, and it will be ready. I think it will be nice.

And I seem to have no money -- I guess I could walk down to the bank, or maybe I'll just ask Barbara if I can borrow some until tomorrow.


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