easter eggs

2003-04-10 - 10:27 a.m.


Nora has to be a republican congresswoman from Arizona at school today. Every year for two weeks in the spring they do this integrated curriculum thing. Last year they put together some political art (Nora's topic was agism) and showed it on Sproul Plaza. This year it's something about perspectives, and some people are wolves and some are ranchers and some are environmentalists and some are, apparently, congresswomen.

So we found a tasteful outfit for her to wear, and she put on lots of makeup, and put powder in her hair. I heard her practising last night in her room. "I'm Deana Sanders, Republican Congresswoman from Arizona, and I'm 55 years young!"

Her husband is a rancher.

It's overcast. I was finally working up to a weekend of gardening, but now it looks like it will be raining. Oh well.

The housecleaner is coming today. Thank god -- our house has been completely overtaken by dust lately. (I believe I have mentioned this before -- nevermind.)

Nora went back to flute lessons after not going for weeks because of her arm. She wants to quit, but she's really so good. Ugh.

I'm drinking a latte - ahhh.

I did a number of distasteful things yesterday. I still have a huge list to go, but I'm feeling at least slightly virtuous.

The girls were remembering Christmases past in the car last night. One year Maddy got a big doll and then a dollhouse. That was good. And one year I (well Santa) gave them a teepee, and arranged all the stuffed animals around it, as if they were surprised by this odd thing in the living room. I thought it was very clever at the time, and they both said that it was really great.


I think easter will be good -- I've been finding all kinds of odd and interesting easter things for them. In a way, easter is better than christmas because there's not so much other crap that goes along with it. You dye eggs, which is fun, and you get an easter basket, and maybe you have brunch. But that's about it. For us, I mean. It used to involve church and new clothes (spring clothes, and then it would always always snow). But now that I am no longer a member of the church-going public, life is simpler.

OKay -- sadly I have nothign left to talk about.

I could tell you about the homeless man who sleeps on the street between where I park and where I work. He's still sleeping, always, at 9:00. I guess there's a heating vent, but he's usually just on a piece of cardboard, although it's always clean cardboard. He's fairly young, he doesn't have a lot of stuff, and he always a piece of fruit lying next to him, except yesterday it was that penguin -- you know, the hello kitty penguin.


Or yesterday, also, on my way in to work, I ran into this brother and sister I know. I like them. They're originally from somewhere in the south. It's kind of nice that they've both ended up in the same town. Apparently they meet for coffee once a week. I think their parents have moved out here, too, since the brother has kids, and the parents are retired.

Kind of nice.

Oh -- and it's Paul Theroux's birthday.

I wonder if now that my brother is moving to Richmond, we'll have coffee once a week. It will be nice to be able to see him more often. Of course, his house will soon be 80 times more gorgeous than mine, but that 's okay. It's the rich inner life I'm after, after all.

OKay -- got to go.


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