2003-04-21 - 11:10 a.m.

So -- we had a really busy weekend, and I'm soo tired.

It was nice, though --

Friday the girls and I went into SF because I had to sign some papers with Kevin. K and I signed papers while the girls wandered off, and then we met up with them, and had some lunch, and went shopping for jeans for Nora at the Levi's store, and jeans and a bathing suit for Maddy at Old Navy. And then we went to the museum of modern art, which was also fun. The whole thing was fun --

Saturday -- oh, we just did stuff, and Sunday, my brother and the new boyfriend came over for brunch, which was lovely. I had actually sort of cleaned the house, and we had good food. They're moving into a house the boyfriend bought about 10 minutes from ours, and I am so happy -- he's going to give me pruning tips all the time.

Oh, and I gardened, because the weather was nice, and we just generally had a good time.

You know -- spring is really not my favorite season. I do love summer, and autumn and winter. They all have their charms. BUt spring is awfully hard to resist, even if you're not one to give in to such obvious things like nice weather and things growing. Spring is not my favorite season, but even if it isn't, it works on me. I can't help feeling happy when the garden is looking okay, and the weather is sunny and good.

Last night we went to see A Mighty Wind, which was very funny -- particularly if you've just seen Best in Show. It's somehow funnier for having a clear memory of all the same actors in different parts (the lesbian dogtrainer is now an ex-pornstar. Which may not be so uncommon, although probably the other way around.) The funniest parts had to do with the fussy organizer and the flower arrangement.

We went to see it in the new theater in the new wierd mall -- sort of a windswept, empty main street. Hmmm.

Hmmmm indeed.


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