Need to work in garden

2003-05-22 - 10:43 a.m.

Okay --

It's tacky day at Nora's school. This is a glorious occasion, on which people wear clothing they grew out of many years ago -- things like striped leggings with batiked sundresses from the caribbean which their grandparents brought them when they were 6. And perhaps a pair of purple rubber snowboots. All topped off with a black hoody sweatshirt.

Nora and I went swimming yesterday. She's supposed to be in highschool, apparently, to be allowed to do laps. I think we're going to have to alter her I.D. She's perfectly capable of doing laps. It's good for her. It's good for me. She's tall enough to be in high school. Hmm.

I suggested this to Nora and she was shocked.

I think a little bit of rulebreaking is okay, though, if the rules are stupid and arbitrary.

Really --

And we're planning a trip to the beach for Nora's class. I hope it works -- I really do.

Maybe we can have Maddy's birthday party at the beach, too --

Okay. I'd like to go home now.


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