Summer hits like a neutron bomb

2003-06-16 - 1:20 p.m.


Hopefully it's all set.

So now I'm eating lunch --


I can't remember where I left off. Life has been insanely busy, what with half days and school ending and parties night after night after night and Nora going to movies and Kevin meeting with People about Things.

Maddy got out on Wednesday, and then there was a celebration on Wednesday night, that went until 11, and a party on Thursday, which went until 11:30. Meanwhile, Nora was gallivanting about with friends, including movies on Thursday, and being dropped off just minutes after Kevin got home. So that all worked out.

Then she got out of school of Friday, and it turned out that she had a math project to finish up by 2 (hmmm) but she finished it by three, which was okay, and then came home and crashed. And then she woke up, and came to see Finding Nemo with Maddy and me.

Saturday -- I think we all drooped around and tried to recover. I read two Dennis Lehane mysteries (okay, I guess, although quite violent. Take place in Dorchester -- doahchestah, that is. I'm a sucker for books that come in series, though -- I like finding out more details as I go along.)

Oh, wait, back up -- Wednesday Maddy and I went running around getting gifts for teachers, which included the bookstore as well, and eating lunch, which was nice.

Anyway -- at some point on Saturday we resolved the great paint issue. Nora wants her room dark blue, with a slightly lighter ceiling. You may say -- oh, too dark, and you are probably right. It's a small room, although it has four windows, and an interesting shape. There are theories about this -- I called my friend Anne to get advice on paint stores (Home depot, after all, had the best colors that were available on a saturday night) and told her what was required.

"Oh," she said. "You are good." As though, and I believe this to be true, she would never do the same for her son Sam. "White curtains," she said. "White curtains would be nice."

"Eyelet," I said. Thinking exactly the same thing.

So -- we'll see.

We went out for dim sum on Sunday with a bunch of Kevin's friends -- architects, mostly, with their families. One of them told me, "Well, it's not your room."

I asked him what colors his kids' rooms were, and he described the room of his oldest stepdaughter -- blue, and purple, and turquoise.

"Sounds pretty," I said, although even as I said that, I realized we'd tried those colors, and they looked awful in reality -- combined, at least.

"Well, she thinks so, " he said.

But anyway -- I got the ceiling painted on Sunday afternoon, and it may in fact be okay. It is a pretty color. It may in fact look very elegant. I certainly hope she'll go along with white curtains, and not the black velvet she mentioned a few months ago. But it may not be as ghastly as I've feared.

Anyway -- Saturday, Nora went out quite late with two friends, plus an assorted parent and younger brother -- out to a famous nearby tourist spot, where they purchased goofy hats and Nora a tie, and Nora saw a gallery exhibiting a landscape photographer she liked very much. Here.

And learned how to make strawberry/chocolate crepes -- she made them for us last night.

And today they're off at camp -- Nora at drama camp, and Maddy at kayaking-sailing camp. And we finally let the cat out of the bag that they're signed up for sailing camp at my mom's house, which they're not so excited about, EXCEPT they get to charge stuff (i.e. food) at the yacht club. (The yacht club, I should mention, is not a very fancy yacht club -- the highlight of the menu is the curly fries, although for some reason they didn't have those last year.)

Anyway -- It's been so insanely busy that it doesn't feel like summer at all. Nora even said she felt like she still had homework due, although maybe that was because she had to memorize a thing for an audition at drama camp.

Anyway -- hopefully things will calm down soon, and I will get this damn room painted and life will go on.

At the moment, Nora's back in Maddy's room, and strange as it may seem, I think they're actually enjoying it.

Okay --


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