2003-07-25 - 7:44 p.m.

And -- look what else I got:

Please encourage your teen to join in conversation the Socratic way at Cafe

E______. Every Wednesday through Aubust 20, from 5-6 PM teen facilitators

lead discussions about topics such as "What is beautiful?" "What is

religion?" " When do you become an adult and how do you know?"

This would be especially great for those with their sights on college as high

school students rarely learn to voice their opinions, listen to others' point

of view, and defend their positions on important issues. It is also a

comfortable, informal social situation, with snacks!

Can you imagine? I cannot.

Would I have ever participated in such a thing? Not if it was organized, that's for sure. Unless it was organized in school, or something. Like, part of my grade.

No, it sort of smacks of organized religion. Of the horrible "coffee clatches" some awful misguided girl in my high school tried to organize. Of teen youth groups, and trips aboard the Green Tortoise listening to some awful girl listen to tapes of herself playing the guitar and singing.


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